A One-on-One With Linx Dating Creator Amy Andersen — How She Became “Silicon Valley’s Cupid”

The Short Version: Whether they’re producing current edition of an already-cool item or creating next big part of technology, singles in Silicon Valley may lead busy resides — consequently dating frequently gets put-on the backburner. Since 2003, Linx Dating and its creator Amy Andersen have been dealing with the requiremen for men sitests of these busy, relationship-minded pros with a curated, tailored, and intuition-based matchmaking program.


From Google to Apple to Lyft to Github, Silicon Valley is recognized for the juggernaut technology businesses and innovative start-ups, to such an extent that there is actually a popular TV show called after it. Silicon Valley is also recognized for the enthusiastic, hardworking, imaginative, and dedicated individuals who work on these lenders — which lends well to an effective job but not fundamentally a fruitful matchmaking life.

“A lot of these people are thus focused and their professions that certain day they awaken and imagine ‘Oh my gosh, I need to get a hold of my match. Just how do I start doing that?'” mentioned regional matchmaker Amy Andersen. Linx Dating is actually the way they go-about doing that.

Started by Amy in 2003, Linx, for quick, is actually a curated matchmaking service for everyone hectic, high-profile solitary experts in Silicon Valley in addition to surrounding Bay region (including world-wide) who’ven’t been able to obtain the commitment they really want. Nowadays, the company is known as “Silicon Valley’s Matchmaker” and Amy its “Cupid.”

Amy not too long ago told united states regarding the “aha second” that began all of it, their client-to-client vetting process, the algorithm-less, intuition-based matchmaking, and the individual connections she builds with the people she assists.

Connecting the space Between solitary guys in Silicon Valley & Single ladies in San Francisco

The determination for Linx came in 2000 while Amy had been doing work in personal customer solutions at a technology organization in bay area but residing in Silicon Valley. Whether it is at work, through friends, or on an outing, Amy usually met both women and men who had been educated, profitable, attractive, and well-rounded, even so they were solitary and didn’t know precisely why.

Understanding both areas really well, Amy pinpointed the situation: there are more readily available males in Silicon Valley than San Fran plus offered feamales in San Fran than Silicon Valley. The help of its household, buddies, and careers in their particular respective places, deciding to make the 50-minute auto day at meet someone special was not the leader in their particular thoughts, Amy demonstrated.

“which was my ‘aha second’ in which I thought ‘let’s say I happened to be to connect this difference and produce these options for those great ladies in San Francisco that great men in Silicon Valley?'” she mentioned.

Amy next invested the following 3 years carrying out as much study as she could, utilizing the woman business-oriented head to have an improved notion of industry and need for this particular matchmaking company. In 2003, once she had all the woman ducks consecutively, she quit the girl work at Merrill Lynch, established the business, and do not seemed back.

“beginning Linx was one of the best choices of my life,” she said. “assisting these introductions and offering as a conduit between these class seems to your workplace really well over the last 12+ many years that i am doing this.”

From the Application to Even the Wedding, Amy is There Every Step

Amy takes a tremendously practical strategy along with her customers from beginning to stop, getting to know each individual separately, using their particular specific desires and requirements during the matchmaking, and offering her qualified advice all on the way.

A One-on-One, complete Vetting Process Ensures High-Caliber Clientele

At Linx, it-all begins with the caliber of the clients. While some other matchmaking companies might take anyone who can be applied, Linx features a thorough referral-based vetting program which makes their own customers stay ahead of the others. Every aspiring user must certanly be suggested by an old or present user, a friend or contact of Amy’s, or the want.

Amy obtains lots of referrals every day and displays each choice by herself. And whether or not they’re 22 or 72, Asian or Latino, solicitors or painters, Amy is seeking folks who are intelligent, healthier, relationship-minded, accomplished, challenging, and top interesting life in general.

“providing someone is passionate about their own profession, that’s what I’m searching for. Beyond that, I’m looking for individuals who are well-rounded. Whether it is volunteering or cooking or whatever its, i recently need to see that they have a colorful, interesting existence,” she stated. “When someone states in my opinion ‘All I do is work’, i am probably not planning to desire to use them. Just carry out they n’t have stability inside their resides, but in my experience that’s also indicative they don’t possess time for a relationship.”

Following the preliminary testing, Amy sets up an one-on-one meet-and-greet, which she stated is the most essential part of getting a client. And here Amy reaches know the individual, notice their unique private tale, and discover whatever theyare looking for in somebody (and whatever’re not seeking).

Most of all, Amy is deciding if the woman business is the right complement each party. Whether someone isn’t really 100% over their ex or are in an arduous phase of the life, the woman instinct can determine if the time is down.

“The meet-and-greet is a vital session for myself but much more for that possibility receive a good read of what Linx is about,” she stated. “People get the answers that they are seeking through the meet-and-greet, and that is really important because anybody who falls that highway to be a client, I want to be sure they think prepared to embrace this method.”

If meet-and-greet goes well, they will keep returning for a follow-up interview with Amy before you choose the account that’s perfect for all of them and receiving began regarding the matchmaking. Although it seems like a long procedure, Amy mentioned it’s necessary because she desires every user is happy with Linx and vice versa.

Matchmaking that mixes the Client’s Wants & Amy’s Intuition

Besides screening every prospect, Amy normally truly the only individual at Linx would you the matchmaking, outsourcing the woman concierge services to professionals like expert closet stylists, beauty products writers and singers, and psychologists.

“this is certainly an extremely tiny, boutique, market matchmaking company in comparison to plenty of enterprises that have huge employees and branches worldwide and so forth, so Linx is actually ultra individualized due to that,” she said.

Her distinctive matchmaking system brings together the granular metrics of just what individual desires in a date (their unique preferred height, get older, earnings, etc. in addition to their deal-breakers) and Amy’s natural ability and instinct for knowing whenever two people belong collectively.

“today, when it comes to when I make a match, about 75% in case it is created by gut, that impulse that says ‘Oh my goodness, i believe i may get on to anything right here,'” Amy mentioned.

According to those factors, Amy will take control of, scouring her database of eligible singles until she discovers an ideal match for each and every client.

Online Pre-Introductions Get Singles Excited About their own Match

Once Amy provides her perfect pairing, she’s going to e-mail both men and women a “baby bio” of each and every other, providing them with a picture with the other peoples individuality, hobbies, look, and getting all of them worked up about just how fantastic they would end up being together.

“I want my personal customers throughout the side of their unique seating, jaws toward floor, like ‘OMG this individual sounds phenomenal,'” she stated.

They’re going to next get to ask Amy questions about their particular match and make an effort they must decide for by themselves as long as they believe it really is correct. During this time period, Amy also guarantees the customers do not know each other, whether through work or social sectors and/or earlier online dating activities, therefore all of us have on a clean slate.

“I have found there is cross-pollination with my clients where they have in some way have met. I want to stay away from a predicament in which they will have currently came across or they’ve glanced at each and every other’s online pages and there ended up being an excuse they thought we would leave that possibility,” she mentioned.

The amount of time from Amy’s original email towards the pair agreeing to get to know will take 72 hours, and also at the period Amy will be sending all of them a one-page, custom bio with more delicious details, including their first names. Amy mentioned she excludes finally labels till the first go out to enable them to abstain from Googling one another, entering their particular heads, and destroying the miracle.

Along with Amy becoming old-school, she requires the guy to call the girl (no texting or emailing!) within 5 times to set up an enjoyable day in which the guy treats the girl.

Going Beyond a Matchmaker being a Liaison, Confidant, Friend & Adviser

When Amy tends to make a match, she does not simply send all of them down on basic go out with a “Good luck!” She offers pre-date training that puts her clients at ease and shows all of them just how to reduce their unique busy schedules down (no less than for one evening) She said it is particularly important in Silicon Valley, where everybody is functioning 24/7 and always have so many thoughts running through their own minds.

“i really want you to disregard every thing close to you, all of the disruptions in life,” Amy stated. “I wanted you to definitely carefully prepare for the big date mainly because fits truly count. Plenty is actually driving in it emotionally and economically, thus I wish people to watch those important details please remember essential those basic impressions tend to be.”

“Amy features exceeded every hope and that I would highly recommend Linx. I’ve since met a great guy who i’d not have met usually. We’re taking circumstances sluggish and witnessing what the future retains.” — A Linx Associate

Also because every user signs a two-year contract (which are often suspended anytime as long as they satisfy that special someone), Amy turns out to be in the same manner spent because they’re in this journey and is capable develop a relationship beyond a professional one. She also gets invitations and pictures of children who’ve been born from previous people.

“that is mainly the reason why i really do this — it’s very satisfying,” she mentioned. “Far beyond my personal job of being a matchmaker, i am a liaison, confidant, buddy, and adviser.”

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Amy’s devotion, ingenuity, and fascination with her clients, Linx is handling an under-served singles market within the dating market, and she’s only scratched the outer lining on which she will bring to the Silicon Valley place together with world. We’re positively eager for what arrives further.

“I’ve worked very hard to build a fantastic reputation in this area, but personally i think like You will find so much more unearthing to-do to obtain even more diverse and fascinating customers who i will assist,” she said.

For ladies who wish to join Linx Dating, click. For men contemplating enrolling, go here. You may also follow Linx and Amy on Twitter: @linxdating.